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Mobile Apps for Restaurants – Bar & Grill

Okay, let’s be honest, even if you are not a social media guru or even tech savvy, you know what mobile apps are. As restaurant owners or managers, you are acutely aware of how many people now use apps on a daily basis. One of the more popular things people are downloading apps for is their favorite restaurants or places to get food. Here’s something to think about: how cool would it be to have an app to help increase your restaurant business? Some apps can cost thousands of dollars which aren’t practical for many businesses. Well, it doesn’t have to be that expensive to build and update your own. You can have an effective marketing app that can help you bring in good business and retain those customers for your bar & grill or restaurant.

Make Your Mobile App Simple and Effective

ehungry online ordering through restaurant app

Easily add Ehungry online ordering to your restaurant mobile app.

You really don’t have to make it complicated or extensive. In fact, make it easy and fast. If you offer online ordering then make it accessible through the app. They typically have menus so you don’t have to double up on the work. If you don’t offer it, then add your menu with good pictures.

Of course, you will have your location(s) with phone link and map as well. You may have some other pertinent info, that you typically have on your website, but that should be concise.

The main incentive for people downloading a restaurant mobile app is the specials and incentives. These should be built into your app and be “pushed” to their phone for reminders and convenience. Entertainment and events can be easily announced as well. Incentives for downloading your app can help instill loyalty and help you retain them with the mobile marketing build into your app.

Bring em Back Mobile Marketing Apps

First, there is some planning and getting the content together when building the app. We make as easy as possible and can even help you setup online ordering for your restaurant (if you want it and don’t have it). The cost for setup is very clear and reasonable. Maintaining the content is simple and inexpensive as well and much of it you can do yourself. Probably the biggest cost is the time it takes getting great pictures of your foods.

Bring em Back Apps are built with a simple interface allowing you to manage much of your content. You will be able to add specials or events and schedule them for “push marketing” to your users. Every mobile app is made available for both Android and iPhones as well. Our mobile apps for Restaurants or Bar & Grill establishments are made for direct marketing to your patrons or potential customers.

Contact us or call 1.800.473.5530 to discuss a mobile app for your restaurant. We typically can have yours ready within a month when content is easily accessible. Our experience in Internet marketing spans decades so you don’t have to worry about lack of support or improvements.  Bring em Back mobile apps are great for family owned restaurants giving you the ability to accentuate your unique advantages and compete with larger restaurant chains.