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Tips on Marketing Your Mobile App

You could have the coolest marketing app, with the dopest features, but if you aren’t getting any traction, what good is it? Spending countless hours perfecting your mobile app is great, however, knowing the “ins and outs” of what makes small business marketing apps successful is key. If you are a small business owner and are in need of some tips, here are a few to hopefully help increase your business.

Tips on Marketing AppsMarketing mobile App

Are you currently looking for ways to grow your business even more? One of the things that can be beneficial, is the use of marketing apps. But as with any mobile app, it takes time and money to make productive.  Much of this can be trials and errors.

Has your small business marketing app lacked downloads recently? It could very well be because your app is not being marketed in a way that it should be. Here a few tips and strategies to help you overcome this hurdle:

  1. Begin with Focus Groups-finding the appropriate target audience is very important. Once you’ve discovered this, you’ll be surprised to see how many customers it can draw.
  2. Location-depending on where you’re located will determine what type of crowd you bring in. This applies to mobile app usage much as it does brick and mortar location.
  3. Don’t Cram-one of the main problems why people abandon mobile apps is because of the loading process. Having too much information on an app slows down the process. Plus mobile users have a more limited focus.
  4. Facebook/Twitter Ads-believe it or not, Facebook and Twitter ads have become the guru when trying to attract customers to mobile marketing apps. Targeting users between the hours of 11-2pm (lunch hours) is an awesome time to promote your small business via ads because that’s usually the time when customers are looking for a place to go for their break.
  5. Email Lists – If you have or collect email lists of your customers, use it to promote your app. There is synergy between both emailing and mobile apps when it comes to customer retention.
  6. Bulletin Boards/Table Tops – Mobile marketing apps for small business is about customer retention and returns, keep you it front and center in your place of business.

Inexpensive Apps for Small Business

Do you have a small business that you just started and are looking for ways to help improve your traction? Bring em Back Marketing has an inexpensive marketing app that’s designed to help local merchants. We can help keep businesses stay on top of current mobile marketing trends. Give us a call today to answer questions or feel free to fill out our free quote form if you’re interested in having your own marketing app.

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